Rules-subject to ad...

Rules-subject to additions as you all break things  


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 Keep posts to the right channels don't go wildly off topic in a chat: This rule is pretty lenient, as long as you don’t go overboard, keep NSFW in the NSFW channel, etc… you’ll be fine.

 No pedophillia, or questionable minors: Anything that seems to be an erotic display of a minor (jailbait, loli, shota, cub, etc...) Additionally, asking for child pornography or discussing child pornography. It’s not funny, ironic or a joke, no exceptions. (Discord ToS rule)

 No intentionally disturbing imagery, content or provocation: This includes gore, abuse, racism, etc... Just basically being an ass.

 No illegal activities, such as: Doxxing, selling/buying illegal items, partaking in law breaking activities, etc...

 Don't abuse the Moderator

 If you have been pardoned by overlords, you are going to be given one chance: You will not be given another warning. You will just be banned. Consider your actions on your pardon carefully.

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